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Højrupgaard Icelanderhorses Tourriding offers short and long trips for both experienced riders and novices:

  • Time-trips in the woods and fields
  • Day trips, bring your own lunch

The tours can be done in Højrupggaards own forrest and a large part of our land bordering the river Odense and Hågerup Å. You can also get through an exciting gorge and quite close to Silk Å, how we might be lucky enough to see the see eagle.

The head of Højrupgaard Tourriding, Helle Ilum, will attend all teams, so you never ride out alone. This gives the riders, along with Helle, possibility to organize tours of the terrain and the difficulty you want. The horse is selected together with Helle, to suit you.

The icelander horse is the perfect tour horse - robust, enduring and polite. It may be that the only thing also pacing and tolt and with a little practice, most of this exceptional experience. You do not need special riding clothes, but long pants and good shoes are recommended. Helmets can be borrowed. Max weight 90 kg

information | prices

Hours Monday to Thursday
1 35 €
1,5 50 €
2 63 €
3 82 €
4 93 €
Hours Friday to sunday/Holidays
1 42 €
1,5 61 €
2 71 €
3 92 €
4 102 €
Weekend rates also apply during school holidays week 42, July and August, and week 7



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